Support to Scheduled Tribe Students

ST – Welfare – Preface :

The classes, which are included in Section 341 of the Indian Constitution, are known as Scheduled Castes. The Central/ State Governments have implemented many programmes for the upliftment of these sections that are economically, socially, educationally backward. The Scheduled Castes Development Department works for the upliftment of the Scheduled Castes. Under this Department, other eligible castes, other backward classes and the economically backward forward castes are also given educational aids.The former Harijan Welfare Department was bifurcated and the Tribal Welfare Department was formed exclusively to look after the matters connected with tribals as per G.O.(P) No. 69/75/DD dated 21-06-1975. Later the Harijan Welfare Department and the Tribal Welfare Department was renamed as Scheduled Castes Development Department and Scheduled Tribes Development Department respectively.

Mission and Vision

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Empowerment


  • Modernization of lifestyle by conserving the culture
  • Preservation of traditional knowledge
  • Total literacy
  • Land for landless,Home for homeless
  • Cluster Development for livelihood
  • Total health care
  • Residential education for reducing the rate of dropouts
  • Vocational training for more employment
  • Sustainable development for regular income
  • Total care
  • Line Departments, Institutions and organizations under the Department
  • Directorate of Scheduled Castes Development, AyyankaliBhavan , KanakaNagar, Vellayambalam, Trivandrum
  • Scheduled Castes Development Department (for details click here)
  • KIRTADS (Kerala Institute for Research, Training and Development Studies of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes)
  • State office of National Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission
  • Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation Ltd (for details click here)
  • Kerala State Development Corporation for Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and Recommended Communities Ltd. (for more details click here)
  • The Kerala State Development Corporation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Ltd. (for details click here)
  • Kerala State Commission for Backward Classes. (for details click here)
  • e-grantz Project (for details click here)

Services / Activities at Governmental Level

  • SC-ST Development (A) Department
    Phone:0471- 2517134

    1. Papers connected with Pre-Exam Training Centres under Scheduled Caste Development Department, Industrial Training Centres Vocational Training Institutions. Institute of Civil Service Exam.Training Society (for SC/ST), CREST, Production-cum-Training Centre.
    2. Computer courses, Samridhi Kendras (except establishment matters). Pre- examination Coaching for Backward Classes.
    3. All papers realating to educational concessions to SC/ST and OEC self Financing Institutions, Parallel College Scheme, Post Matric Studies, Post Matric Scholorships, Egrantz.
    4. Monitoring of Admission following principles of Reservation in Educational Institutions for SC/ST, Pre-primary Educational Institutions.
    5. Miscellaneous papers of the Department of General Nature, Publicity and Publication of Books, Cultural Programmes realating to SC/ST etc.
  • SC-ST Development (B) Department
    Phone: 0471-2517149

    1. All budget papers of SCSTDD & Corporations under the SCSTDD, Administration of land and acquisition of land in respect of STDD (Except TRDM) and SCDD. Papers relating to the conduct of SLWG Meetings in respect of STDD including issuing of GOs on all agenda items, papers relating to Additional Authorization,
    Re-appropriation and letter or credit in respect of STDD.
    2. Papers relating to MRSs/Ashram Schools/Sports Schools/Post Matric Hostels/Pre-Matric Hostels/OBC Hostels of Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Development Department of Construction/Starting of MRSs/Post Matric and Pre-Matric Hostels.
    3. Papers relating to budget proposals of the Scheduled Castes Development Department, Miscellaneous papers of ‘B’ Section Conduct of SLWG Meetings in respect of SCDD including issue of GOs on all agenda items. Papers relating to Additional Authorization, Re-appropriation and letter of credit in respect of SCDD.
  • 3. SC-ST Development (C) Department
    Phone:0471- 2518016

    Establishment papers of all Gazetted Officers in Scheduled Castes Development Department, Establishment papers of all Gazetted as well as Non-Gazetted officers of KIRTADS, Rent of office buildings of Scheduled Castes Development Department, Draft paras/Audit paras, Inspection report on the Inspection conducted by Finance Inspection Wing in the offices of Scheduled Castes Development Department and KIRTADS, Repairs and disposal of vehicles in Scheduled Castes Development Department, Special Rules of State Service of Scheduled Castes Development Department, Special Rules of KIRTADS.
    2. Establishment of Non-Gazetted Officers of SC Development Departmemt Special Rules of Subordinate Service of Scheduled Castes Development Department, Miscellaneous papers of ‘C’ Section, Finance Assistance for Medical Treatment for the Districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Pathanamthitta, SC and ST promoters and their Service Conditions Function and Duties of promoters (restructuring).
  • SC-ST Development (D) Department
    Phone: 0471-2518114

    1. Establishment papers of all Non-Gazetted Officers in Scheduled Tribes Development Deprtment, Vehicles in Scheduled Tribes Development Department, Wayanad Health Society, Mobile Medical Units, Ayurvedic and Allopathic Dispensaries, Health Schemes, All on going Health Projects of Scheduled Tribes. Special food for work programme for the tribals in Wayanad District. Special Rules pertaining to both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Officers. Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, Rubber Cultivation in Tribal Areas.
    2. Papers relating to the (i) Collective Farm, Vattachira (ii) Attappady Co-operative Farming Society (iii) Scheme for the Rehabilitation of Land-less tribals—Papers on TRDM, implementation of Forest Rights Act and allied subjects. Aralam Farm Company and papers relating to all settlements under TRDM.
    3. Establishment papers of all Gazetted Officers in the STDD, Review Reports of Special Recruitment of SCs and STs in Government Department and Public Sector Undertakings, Rent and Rates of Office Buildings, Telephones etc., under the STDD, Miscellaneous of ‘D’ Section. Papers relating to Priyadarshini Tea Estate, Pookot Dairy Project and Sugandhagiri Cardamom Project. SC/ST Co-operative Societies, SC/ST Federation.5. SC-ST Development (E) Department
    Phone:0471- 251 8074

    1. Papers relating to IHDP Colonies, SC/ST Colonies of all districts and the issues pertaining to the Colonies, Papers relating to the Housing Schemes for SCs/STs including that of Colonies/ Sanketham, Schemes for the construction of Houses for SCs/STs, Medical Assistance for the districts of Alappuzha, Idukki.
    2. Papers relating to KSDC for SCs/STs Ltd. (Establishment) Thrissur. Papers relating to National Commission for SCs/STs, State Commission for SCs/STs and similar issues, miscellaneous papers of the section. Medical assistance to the Districts of Ernakulam, Thrissur and Palakkad.
  • SC-ST Development (F) Department
    Phone: 0471-251 8613

    1. Education, Deputation, Papers realating to (a) Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation, (b) Kerala State Commission for Backward Classes, (c) Kerala State Development Corporation for Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities Limited. Papers Backward Classes, Inclusion of Chetties and Chakkala Nair Communities in OBC and other realated papers, miscellaneous papers of ‘F’ Section. District and State Advisory Boards of ST.
    2. Educational concession to OBC, SEBC under Kumara Pillai Commission Report, papers relating to Kumara Pillai Commission Report, Scheme for the Welfare of Backward Classes, Seat reservation for SEBC in educational institutions (Justice Narayana Pillai Commission), Reservation of seats for Backward Classes in Educational Institutions, papers realating to Legislative Committe on Backward Classes, Marriage Assistance to SC/ST, Financial Assistance to Inter-caste married couple. Request for assistance from Distress Relief Fund of Minister (Backward and S C Communities) including Financial assistance for treatment (Malappuram, Kozhikode, Kannur, Wayanad, Kasaragod). Employment Assistance to SC/STs (Atrocities), Social Solidarity Fortnight, Temple Entry Proclamation. OEC papers other than Educational concessions.
    3. Reservation of jobs for Backward Classes in Public Services, Reservation of jobs for Backward Clssess in public Sector undertakings, papers realating to Mandal Commission Report and related items, Classification of communities of Backward classes, Identification of Creamy Layer Among Backward Classes. Papers relating to the National Commission fo Backward Classes, papers relating to PCR Act, 1955, AC/AT (PA) Act 1989 and Atrocities Act.7. SC-ST Development (G) Department
    Phone:0471- 2518091

    1. Classification of SCs/STs and General papers on the subject/writ petition on the general matters of classification as SC/ST and SC/ST Certificates.
    2. Individual SC claims—Complaints, reports, Scrutiny Committee on SC claims and Writ Petitions on individual SC claims, follow up action on reports of Scrutiny on SC claims.
    3. Individual ST claims—Complaints, reports, Scrutiny Committee on ST claims and its follow up action—Writ Petition on individual ST claims, Miscellaneous papers of ‘G’ Section.
  • SC-ST Development (PM) Department
    Phone:0471- 251 8936

    1. All papers including scrutiny of Project Proposals for getting Central Assistance as mentioned below.
    2. All papers realating to Government of India including release of funds and corrective measures of proposals submitted and Monitoring release of funds towards following subjects.
    3. All centrally Sponsored Schemes, SCA to SCP and SCA to TSP, ACA, Fund release under Article 275 (i) of Constitution, OBC Hostels, Scholorship, NGOs Grant-in-aid.
    4. Coaching and Allied Scheme (CSS), Bank Scheme, Upgradation of merit of students (100%) CSS). 20 point Programme of ST and SC, Grant-in-aid to voluntary organizations for the welfare of SCs/ STs/ OBCs.
    5. Schemes for the Development of Scheduled Castes who were engaged in unclean occupation in the past (50%) Central Sector Scheme.
    6. Award of fellowship in various aspects of Tribal Development.9. SC-ST Development (Parliament) Department
    Phone: 0471-2517008

    1. Follow up action on Legislative Committee papers, follow up action on LAI/Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha questions.
    2. Consolidation of details for the LA questions of the departments like GA (Co-ordination) Department, P&ARD, Finance Department etc.
    3. Monthly Business Statement and allied papers and staff meetings of the Department.10. SC-ST Development (Office Section) Department
    Phone:0471- 251 8614

    Distribution of Tapals after giving current numbers, Despatch of communications, giving numbers to Government Orders (Ms. and Rt.) and Office Orders, Supply of stationery to all sections in SC/ST Development Department.