Faculty functions


As in other DIETs of Kerala , Malappuram DIET also has seven branches . All the faculties are altogether have to do the following functions

DIET main functions

Conduct quality based pre- service and in-service training. 

  • To conduct research works in education and to develop various materials on education.
  • To do various support and extension level activities with in the district and state.                                


    The main objectives of this faculty will be
    Training the heads of the school.To provide feed back supporting planning programmes of all branches of DIET.

    Following are the function of P& M

    • To maintain appropriate data base for the district for the various planning exercises.
    • To conduct studies with a view to give policy advice to the educational planning exercises.
    • To provide technical assistance to educational authorities in (1) school mapping (2) Micro planning for UEE (3) formation of activities for school complexes(4) institutional evaluation.
    • To orient the community leaders( LSGs) ,VEC members,youths voluntary educational workers .
    • To conduct appropriate programmes for the headmasters , block level educational functionaries ,etc.
    • To appraise various educational programmes implemented in the district especially with the objectives to achieve UEE , quality enhancements ,etc.
    • To act as nodal branch for preparing institutional plans and annual self evaluation reports for the DIET.
    • To provide P& M related inputs to all other activities of DIET

 Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE)

It is the centre to provide resource support in the development of locally relevant curriculum and educational evaluation of school, Adult education at the district level. It will carry out the following functions.

  • To adopt and develop the curricular units according to the local needs.
  •  To develop the techniques and guidelines for continuous and comprehensive evaluation.
  •  To help DRU in developing the locally relevant materials
  • To undertake testing on sample basis to assess the learner achievements·
  • To help educational authorities and schools ii implementing reliable and valid system of valid learner evaluation·      
  • To conduct work shop for developing various materials.
  • To conduct iservice programmes related to CMDE.
  • To provide CMDE related inputs in to all other programmes of DIET

Inservice , Field Interaction and Co-ordinaton (IFIC)

All the activities related to the inservice programme and extension services of DIET except for Adult education will be organized by this branch.

  • To assist educational authorities in planning of inservice education programmes for the school teachers of the district ,and to plan and co-ordinate such programmes held in the DIET·
  • To identify the training needs school teachers and to plan perspective plans to meet such needs·
  • To prepare an annual calendar of all activities to be held in DIET and ouside·
  • To organize distance cum mode training programmes to teachers·
  • To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of all inservice programmes held in DIET·
  • To maintain a data base on all persons except in Adult Education personnels , who under go training for the DIET and to organize follow up activities.
  • To serve as a reference and resource centre for teachers who wish to continue their education.
  • To act as a nodal branch for all action research and field interaction activities of the DIET·
  • Publication of periodicals of the DIET and to distribute it to schools , etc. 

District Resource Unit

It is the resource centre in the district to carry out the. Adult education activities to ensure the human and material resources of other faculties for its full fledged works It has to crru out the following activities.       

  • To serve as a nodal branch for organizingo  Programmes of induction training and continuing education for the adult education workers.
  • To orient other personnels who use to organize such above mentioned activities out side the DIET.
  • To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of the training programmes conducted fpr AE workers.
  •   To maintain a data base on all AE personnels who undergone training.
  • To assist all other faculties of DIET in organizing such activities in the preparation of learning materials ,evaluation tools , etc.
  • To under take research works related to AE activities with collaborative way with other branches of DIET. 


Focus of this branch is to ensure that ET reaches out to the most distant areas. It will also carry out the following functions.

  • To develop in collaboration with concerned staff of DIET and other resource persons , simple ,effective and low cost teaching aids for various subjects related to school education.
  • To help the DRU in developing low cost teaching aids fpr AE related works.
  • To maintain the following,o  All AV equipment of DIETo  Computer labo  Display areaso  A library of educational video/audio cassettes ,etc.
  • To liase with near by radio station for arranging educational broadcasts suitable for school children /AE learners, teachers, instructors, etc.
  • To conduct appropriate training programmes for teachers in the areas of ET.
  •   To provide ET related inputs to all other activities of DIET .


Focus of this faculty will be to support the work experience related programmes to schools . The functions to be carried out by this faculty are

  •  To identify locally relevant WE activities and in co operation with other nodal branches, to develop sample curricular units , teaching learning materials, low cost teaching aids and evaluation tools.
  • To help educational authorities and schools ,AE centres in planned introduction of WE activities .
  • To conduct appropriate inservice programmes for teachers in the areas of WE.
  • To provide WE related inputs in to all other activities of DIET.
  • To organize activities for clealiness , upkeep and development of the institute , play ground, lawns,gardens ,etc.
  • To organize community service activities and study visits to work centres as a part of the training programmes·         To maintain work shop/farm/garden for WE activities.
  • To organize work related hobbies among the trainees of the institute.

Pre- Service Teacher Education and Training ( PSTE)

faculty of DIET has to do the following functions

To organize quality pre-service teacher education courses for elementary school teachers.To serve as a model for the other elementary teacher education for the following:

  • Preparation of learner centred education.
  •   Education for the personality development, training , preparation of suitable teaching aids, action research, etc.
  •  Provisions for the psychological counseling and guidance services to schoolso  All matters to learning by children with special abilities.
  • To provide input to all other activities of DIET which are to be carried out by other faculties , such as:  Inservice programmes of school teacherso  Training programmes for Adult education workerso  Field interaction including extension activities Action research to improve learner abilities in schools.
  • Maintenance of science lab, psychological equipment, rooms for art education and equipment and facilities for sports and physical education.
  • Promotion pf co-curricular activities in schools like, yoga,physical education activities, science fairs, art festivals ,etc.

Pre-Service courses are now going on in DIET Malappuram in two batches.

First year batch with 40 trainees.Second year with 40 traineees.Duration of this course is two year and selection purely on merit basis. The selection is done by Deputy Director of Education , Malappuram