D.Ed Programmes & Activities

Teacher education is a system that ensures the quality of school education of any nation. With the

implementation of RTE Act (2009), quality education has become the right of the child. The teacher

education curriculum that equips teachers in this regard should be revised timely. The current teacher

education curriculum was implemented in 2005. Following this, the school curriculum was revised in 2007.

The teacher education curriculum has to be revised in accordance with changes in the school curriculum.

This revision is a step in this direction. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) prepared the

National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE) in 2009 and submitted it for deliberations.

SCERT initiated action to disseminate the suggestions made therein. NCTE also published a model syllabus

for teacher education. The teacher education curriculum revision was carried out in the light of this frame-

work and model syllabus with a national perspective. International perspectives were also discussed during

the process of revision and attempts made to incorporate them as well. The new curriculum was designed to

solve prevailing issues by availing the services of veteran teacher educators. Let us work together to enable student teachers to be student-friendly and excellent teachers.