Pre-Service Teacher Education and Training ( PSTE)

Faculty of DIET has to do the following functions

To organize quality pre-service teacher education courses for elementary school teachers.To serve as a model for the other elementary teacher education for the following:

  • Preparation of learner centred education.
  • Education for the personality development, training , preparation of suitable teaching aids, action research, etc.
  • Provisions for the psychological counseling and guidance services to schoolso  All matters to learning by children with special abilities.
  • To provide input to all other activities of DIET which are to be carried out by other faculties , such as:  Inservice programmes of school teacherso  Training programmes for Adult education workerso  Field interaction including extension activities Action research to improve learner abilities in schools.
  • Maintenance of science lab, psychological equipment, rooms for art education and equipment and facilities for sports and physical education.
  • Promotion of co-curricular activities in schools like, yoga, physical education activities, science fairs, art festivals, etc.

Pre-Service courses are now going on in DIET Malappuram in two batches.

First year batch with 40 trainees.Second year with 40 traineees.Duration of this course is two year and selection purely on merit basis. The selection is done by Deputy Director of Education , Malappuram

Faculty profile