The main objectives of this faculty will be

Training the heads of the school.To provide feed back supporting planning programmes of all branches of DIET.

Following are the function of P& M

  • To maintain appropriate data base for the district for the various planning exercises.
  • To conduct studies with a view to give policy advice to the educational planning exercises.
  • To provide technical assistance to educational authorities in (1) school mapping (2) Micro planning for UEE (3) formation of activities for school complexes(4) institutional evaluation.
  • To orient the community leaders( LSGs) ,VEC members,youths voluntary educational workers .
  • To conduct appropriate programmes for the headmasters , block level educational functionaries ,etc.
  • To appraise various educational programmes implemented in the district especially with the objectives to achieve UEE , quality enhancements ,etc.
  • To act as nodal branch for preparing institutional plans and annual self evaluation reports for the DIET.
  • To provide P& M related inputs to all other activities of DIET


Faculty profile