In-service Field Interaction and Co-ordination (IFIC)

All the activities related to the inservice programme and extension services of DIET except for Adult education will be organized by this branch.

  • To assist educational authorities in planning of inservice education programmes for the school teachers of the district ,and to plan and co-ordinate such programmes held in the DIET·
  • To identify the training needs school teachers and to plan perspective plans to meet such needs·
  • To prepare an annual calendar of all activities to be held in DIET and ouside·
  • To organize distance cum mode training programmes to teachers·
  • To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of all inservice programmes held in DIET·
  • To maintain a data base on all persons except in Adult Education personnels , who under go training for the DIET and to organize follow up activities.
  • To serve as a reference and resource centre for teachers who wish to continue their education.
  • To act as a nodal branch for all action research and field interaction activities of the DIET·
  • Publication of periodicals of the DIET and to distribute it to schools , etc.

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