About DIET

DIET Malappuram was established in 1992 by upgrading the Govt. Basic Training School for Girls at B.P Angadi, Tirur. DIETs were established all over the country on the basis of the recommendations of NPE 1986, for the enhancement of quality of education. DIET Malappuram situated at B P Angadi, Tirur-2, it is 35 KM away from district headquarters and 5  KM from Tirur railway station.

Main functions of DIET

  • TRAINING (both on pre-service at Primary level  and in-service at various levels )
  • RESOURCE SUPPORT (Extension, Guidance)
  • Development of materials, Learning Aids, Evaluation tools etc)

About Malappuram

The word “Malappuram” (terraced place atop the hills) came to represent the present region only after the formation of the district, before it was called Eranad or Valluvanad The district has a rich cultural and political heritage. From the time immemorial the port of Ponnani (sometimes roughly identified withTyndis) was a centre of trade with the Romans. After the Cheras, numerous powerful dynasties controlled the area, and by 9th century the region came to hands of the Kulasekharas of Mahodayapuram. After the disintegration of the Kulasekhara kingdom a number of Naircity states emerged called Valluvanad, Vettathunad, Parappanad, Nediyiruppu (the Zamorins) and more. But, from 13th…

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  • Quarters for staffs
  • Hostels for men and women
  • Full fledged Reference Library
  • Full fledged faculty
  • Administrative Block
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